Gerostomatology - is it necessary?

  In contrast, the cementum is increased, which is sometimes open to mechanical harm and caries, while the...

How to care about senior oral cavity

In spite of the fact that the maturing of the organism is irreversible, we can try to change this process. With...


The branch of medicine responsible for oral hygiene for the elderly is called gerostomatology. It includes...

Contraindications in implant treatment

The adequacy of implant surgery, is from 95-97%. On the other hand, there are situations when the implant is...

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In dentistry, the term 'implant' denotes an element which substitutes the root of the vital tooth. Introduced surgically into the bone of alveolar process, it enables performing fixed prosthetic restoration - a crown or bridge. It is similar to a small diameter bolt with an inner thread which is designed for prosthetic fixation purposes.

  • Gerostomatology - is it necessary?

  • How to care about senior oral cavity

  • Gerostomatology

  • Contraindications in implant treatment

  • Dental implants

  • Renovation of teeth

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