Dental implants

dental implants

In the first phase of treatment, a titanium screw is embedded into the bone, which is covered with a unique porous material, giving solidity of adhesion. Thanks to the fact that titanium is a material which does not cooperate with the magnetic field, patients who have experienced implant surgery, don't need to worry about a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Additionally, titanium is bio-inert, which does not cause allergies. For the time of integration of the implant to the bone, which for the most part keeps going from 4 to 6 months, patients get a missing tooth substitution that has a beneficial outcome on the recuperating procedure of wounds and guarantees solace.

Generally, provisional restorations are performed preceding implantation, which gives the likelihood of inserting them after the treatment. In the following stage, when the insert has sufficient energy to develop into the bone, a special healing ring is embedded on the insert, which expects to rebuild the gums situated around the implant. Gingival healing procedure takes around four weeks, contingent upon individual inclination. In the last period of treatment, a unique connector is applied with a chosen prosthetic construction: bridgework, crown or a fixing component of a denture with a snap. It is important that implant treatment is totally pain-free - by adjusting adequate anesthesia to the needs of the patient: local, computer or sedation, performed under the supervision of an anesthesiologist.