Gerostomatology - is it necessary?


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In contrast, the cementum is increased, which is sometimes open to mechanical harm and caries, while the cells called cementocytes are degenerating. Pulp imperviousness to harm is diminished and repair process is destabilized, what is connected with mass, vascularization and innervation decrease of the pulp. By studying the above changes it is obvious how imperative step in the advancement of general dentistry was the creation of gerostomatology. We must understand that seniors need good protection of oral health and care for their particular needs.

For this situation interdisciplinary participation of GPs with dental specialists is essential, particularly as far as educating people about the genuine consequences of not taking care about teeth is concerned. This refers to the impacts of chronic gingivitis and periodontitis as a consequence of diabetes and atherosclerosis and inconveniences emerging from stroke or myocardial infraction. Ugly teeth have a huge effect on our physical and mental condition.

While elaborating on gerotomatology it is worth to talk about the Polish-German involvement in this field, which was launched at an university meeting "Seniors in the healthcare system - the reality and expectation". It took place in Wroclaw on: 3-4.04.2014 year – starting a research program  which assesses seniors' quality of life. The project is developed by the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology Department of the Medical University in Wroclaw and Dresden University of Technology (Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus). The main target of the collaboration is to share the knowledge about gerostomatology illnesses and the needs of the older people. The issue was also raised on the likelihood of youthful scientists trade. Amid the meeting, seniors had the chance to take part in an interest in certain dental procedures and dental checkup