gerostomatology poland

The branch of medicine responsible for oral hygiene for the elderly is called gerostomatology. It includes information of dentistry: periodontics, prosthodontics, conservative dentistry and in  general medicine including: geriatrics or gerontology (the studies concerning the aging processes). It additionally is connected with such subjects like sociology, psychology and ethics. When we talk about gerostomatology it is important to know that it concentrates generally on tasks connected with prevention, treatment and recovery. Frequently, the realization of these exercises is troublesome because of the general condition of patients who are older than 65 and have particular tendencies, or because of changes that occurred in their mind. Often, oral condition of seniors mirrors the general condition of their wellbeing. It is said that the worse, the state of health of the older person is, the more probable it is that this patient will develop caries, periodontal disease or dental cavities after the loss of teeth. Researches show that up to 86% of elderly people are influenced by no less than one chronic illness. The most popular are: joint, respiratory, circulatory, neurological diseases, osteoporosis and cancer. What's more, numerous elderly patients encounter handicap connected with: poor visual perception, hearing loss, issues with tastes recognition, which may bring about incompliance with specialist's recommendations.

Inside of this age group, many of patients ingests more than five or more medications a day, which may cause the dryness in mouth, known as xerostomia. We can't disregard individuals who experience the cognitive impairment, where dementia takes part in - essentially impedes recollecting the day by day oral hygiene. The sum of the above abnormalities makes dentist conscious of an alternate way to deal with seniors and they ought to show the knowledge, also, in the field of general medicine.

Amongst the most imperative conditions influencing the successful aging, is concern about the best possible functioning and upkeep of teeth. It is worth to examine report distributed by the European Union on the ageing populace. It is obviously specified that in 2060 nearly one third of the European Union inhabitants will have exceed 65 years. In this manner, the structure of the society will change essentially. Extending our life is without a doubt a challenge for doctors - including specialists in the field of gerostomatology.