Renovation of teeth

dental implants abroad

Implants are the best method used for revitalization of damages that allow for a complete rebuilding of teeth. Utilizing the expression "implant" we mean a tiny titanium screw that is positioned in the jawbone or mandible. The implant may be utilized to complement the single loss, as well as additionally the full reproduction (bridgeworks or snap in dentures). The component is characterized by long-lasting durability, ensuring flawless and durable attachment with bone tissue. On account of implant treatment we can bring up benefits associated with aesthetic look, and it is worth to indicate that this viably defers and lessens bone loss process. It doesn't involve the crushing of healthy teeth situated in the area of the imperfect tooth. Missing teeth have a negative effect on comfort and may cause a physical inconvenience. Dental implants are the answer for this issue, restoring a wonderful smile, and subsequently the confidence and solace in the right functioning of the teeth, on the grounds that they carry on like a normal and natural root of the tooth. It is a decent option for individuals who need to get rid of removable dentures. In order to achieve great results to the patient, a right diagnosis and arranging of the entire procedure by the doctor is needed. Patients who were arranged for implant treatment, experienced tests including CT scan of the jaw or mandible - relying upon the area of the defect. The evaluation of the bone happens and evaluation of the spot where the implant will be put. Contraindications are also debated. In the facility, with which we cooperate, implantation treatment is performed by the most experienced specialists with II degree of specialization in the field of implant surgery, and periodontics.


We have to mention something about the costs of the whole procedure in Poland. More and more people choose Poland for dental restoration because of the lower costs of the treatment. Each time, patients whom we help with the selection of the clinic, get definite treatment plan portioned into stages, together with the cost specification. Repetitively, they are astounded by a huge contrasts in costs of the treatment on European medical market. It can't be denied that treatment in Poland is 30-40% less expensive than in western Europe. Price discrepancies are based upon the chosen implant system. For implant in the clinic, with which we work with, we will pay from 1400 Euros (this is the value, which incorporates the expenses like  screws, healing screws, titanium fastener and crown). At the pointof comparing the costs, it is good to know if the price applies just to the screw, or to all components. In addition, choosing our services doesn't include extra expenses for the patient.